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FluentC is business friendly.

We take complicated project requirements and provide real solutions

FluentC Is designed for developers and business people alike. By Business people, I mean program management, project management, product, PMO, leadership executives, content, marketing, strategy, and anyone who doesn’t code for a living but it’s still critical to the software development lifecycle.

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Once you see Fluentc in action, you will be ready to start development immediately

The goal of FluentC is to increase speed to market and decrease development time and cost while building modern applications. We have lots of charts, graphs project plans, timelines, and other materials that would be perfect for the executive leadership decks and PowerPoints, So feel free to reach out to us and ask us for any amount of content.

Choosing FluentC is an easy decision because all of your text is translated out of the gate. This means your projects go smoother and easier because you’re already almost to the finish line. Your development team no longer has to wait for a finalized text from product or marketing.  They can put in a placeholder string for development and move on,  the story closes, and the task is done, Jira updated.

Getting to Done Done faster

The best part of FluentC is moving control to the product team. Find a bug during testing? Just log in and update the text. Product wants to change the text during UAT? Just log in and update it. Need to support a new language without the need to change code? Done. There is an easy way to set up FluentC that makes it easy for you to add languages without coding.

FluentC can be integrated with your existing applications and websites. We can do any part that you want control over or any part that needs to support multiple languages. This type of experience gives you, the business people, control over what text is displayed. If a user clicks “Translate with Google”, you no longer have control. It is up to Google to tell if the word Turkey is meat or a country. You may not even have data to see how often this is used.

Real Fast and Real Results

tl:dr 6x Results

FluentC in the real world produces real results. Recently Yield, an agricultural labor management platform, started recruiting in Central America. Their platform is built of WordPress and our team targeted the recruiting landing page for use with FluentC. We were able to integrate the translations of text and images in 2 days. The results were amazing! Yield saw a 6x growth of conversion of the same marketing campaign. 6 times as many people signed up with FluentC enabled.