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Things Consultants Need

  • Timelines to implement
  • Vendor analysis
  • Use Cases
    • Features
      • In-Context Translating
  • Industry Applicability
  • Architecture Example
  • Headless CMS Comparison
  • Contract details or requirements
  • Expert availability
  • Professional Services
  • Training
  • Partner Details Signup and Flow
  • Time Savings and project flow
    • When to call FluentC
  • Client Scenarios
    • New requirements for late-stage projects
    • Early planning of applications

Client Funnel

What is a Headless CMS?

Why do you need one?

What does FluentC Do?

Why FluentC?

  • FAQ
  • What is different – in English?
  • What is different – Technology?
  • How does FluentC fit in with my current technology stack?
  • WordPress and Drupal Integration
  • Is FluentC better than using Google Translate

How does it work?

  • Supported Languages

How much is it?

Who uses FluentC?

Am I alone?

  • Commercial Support.
  • Dev and Production
  • Professional Services
  • Developer Support

How do I get started?

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