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Explore the power of Translation Acceleration

Experience the thrill of transforming the translation process from months to mere hours with FluentC! Our cutting-edge solution empowers you to effortlessly translate your websites and applications in over 75 languages in record time.

    • Faster70%
    • Easier96%
    • Flexible85%
      Reduce both time and costs by harnessing the power of AI and tailoring it to meet your enterprise's specific needs. FluentC takes care of the complex tasks, saving you valuable resources.
  • The FluentC Web Widget is a great alternative to the Google Translate Widget. We now have full control over the message that goes to our website visitors
  • We use the FluentC translation tool for all of our Figma designs. It has been a great way for us to test our designs in multiple languages. It is easy fast and cost effective.
  • FluentC Web Widget is a great tool. It allowed us to translate our patient-facing web applications in just a couple of clicks

The best-in-class cloud-based translation services

Software architects love FluentC for several reasons.

FluentC can help software architects to create software and applications that are accessible to a global audience by providing accurate translations of user interface elements and documentation.


Happy Clients

FluentC is an invaluable tool for software architects who want to create software that is accessible and relevant to users around the world

FluentC Credits are used for Translation and WebWidget

Translation are .03 Credits Per Character
WebWidget is 1 Credit per website page view

Translating a standard web page typically uses 25 credits

FluentC Credits require NO contracts or subscriptions.

All FluentC Features Available

  • Lifetime Credit Validity

  • Unlimited Integrations

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • GraphQL Support

  • Optional FluentC Gateway

  • Technical Support

  • Helpdesk

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