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The Fastest Way To Go From Prototype To Product In 75 Languages

Our localization platform streamlines the translation process, ensuring that all content is translated accurately and efficiently. Our advanced technology integrates with your existing tools, making it easier for you to manage and distribute translated content across multiple languages and platforms.

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What is Translation Acceleration?

The translation process can go from months to hours. FluentC is designed for you to quickly be able to deliver your applications in over 75 languages.

All modern applications need to be available in multiple languages

If your enterprise has more than one application on more than one platform or a requirement to be served in more than one language, then you need FluentC

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The endless conflict with translations is over

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses need to ensure that their content is up-to-date, easily accessible, and relevant to their audience. However, managing and organizing content can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with multiple languages and platforms. This is where the following job titles come into play:

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3 common problems with translation

Translation mistakes can happen to anyone, even the most experienced translators. Inaccurate translations can cause misunderstandings, confusion, and even harm, particularly in legal and medical settings. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the most common translation mistakes and their impacts. Fortunately, with the advancements of artificial intelligence, FluentC advanced

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Translation in AdobeXD is simple

Adobe XD is a popular design tool that many creatives use for creating digital interfaces, websites, and mobile apps. Despite its powerful features and user-friendly interface, some users believe that Adobe XD can be complicated when it comes to translating designs into different languages. However, with the release of the

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Why Fluentc

API Based Content

FluentC content API is accessed from a GraphQL based service. Developers will be able to customize content calls and speed up development.

Translation Native

Automatic or Manual translations are instantly available. Supporting most languages using the best in cloud services

Enterprise Scale

FluentC uses the latest in cloud computing to deliver massive scale and incredible speeds

Single Point for Content

Content once, use everywhere. With FluentC you can deliver local content across multiple applications using the same content.

Web, Mobile and More

Easily deliver the same content to a native iOS or Android application without have to write complex code and write code twice

Brand strategy

Keep messaging consistent across platforms and across geographies. The world is complex and FluentC solves the problem with global content delivery

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Start closer to the finish line, get done faster!

FluentC uses best-in-class cloud-based translations services to jump-start your multi-language adventure. You can load your text strings into FluentC and in a matter of minutes, your translation team can be reviewing them.

The big question

How does FluentC work?


Each word in your application is cnverted into a keyword string. For example, the phrase "Contact Information" will be replaced by the key "contact info"


Then FluentC uses best in class cloud based translations to translate "Contact Information into 75 languages. Now the key, "contact info" equals "Contact Information", "Kontakt Informationen", "رابطہ کی معلومات", "Información de contacto"

Review and Publish

Your team can publish the translations or review and edit any of the translations before publishing to the application

The FluentC Figma plug-in allows you to see your design in 75 languages with only three steps. Select your text, source language, and the language into which you want your text translated, and hit translate. A new layer with the new text is inserted into your design. That’s it.

All of the translations are stored in your FluentC account and can be used by your development team to be inserted into your applications in the future.

Figma Plugin
Now Available

Plugin for Adobe XD Now Available

About Fluentc

We are a team of dedicated individuals with decades of application development. We have lived the problems off delivering large-scale enterprise applications. We built Fluentc to save development time and increase the speed at which an application can be delivered in multiple languages