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Alice and AdobeXD

FluentC has a translation plug-in designed for AdobeXD

Once upon a time, there was a designer named Alice who was tasked with creating a new mobile application for a multinational company. Excited about the opportunity, Alice dove into the project headfirst and began designing the interface.

As she was working, Alice realized that the app would need to support multiple languages. She knew that translations could be tricky, but she was confident that she could handle it. So, she added all of the text in the design to a Google Sheet and sent it off to the translation team.

A few days later, the translations came back and Alice was ready to implement them into her design. However, as she began to add the new text, she quickly realized that something was off. The translations didn’t quite fit in the space she had allotted for them and some of the phrasings was awkward.

Alice tried to fix the issues, but it was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The more she tried to make it work, the worse it became. She was getting frustrated and was running out of time to deliver the project.

Just as she was about to give up, Alice heard about a new tool called FluentC. FluentC is an AI-powered translation management platform that allows designers to preview translations in context and make adjustments before implementation.

Alice decided to give FluentC a try and was delighted to find that it was exactly what she needed. She was able to preview the translations in context and make adjustments before implementation, which saved her a lot of time and hassle.

In the end, Alice was able to deliver a high-quality, multilingual app that was well-received by the client. She learned that translations can be tricky, but with the right tools, they don’t have to be a headache.


Designing a multilingual application can be challenging, but with FluentC, an AI-powered translation management platform, it can be a breeze. FluentC allows designers to preview translations in context and make adjustments before implementation, saving time and hassle. With FluentC, you can ensure that your translations will fit seamlessly into your design and make a great impression on your clients.

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