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Translate Your Website in Real-Time with FluentC

FluentC empowers website owners and developers to effortlessly set up a dynamic translation widget with just a single snippet of code.

Seamless Installation

Easily install FluentC's widget on your website with our intuitive solution.

Enhanced Security

Customize referral URLs and prevent unauthorized traffic sources.

Total Control

Choose which HTML tags and elements are excluded from translation.

Automatic Language Detection

Effortlessly translate on the fly.

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Effortless Installation in Minutes

Four easy steps and one code change and your visitors are reading your site in their native language

FluentC offers a simple subscription model for your website translations. You will need an Enterprise Subscription and then we have a flat cost for the translations and for the page views. Please contact us with questions.

Enhance Security and Customize Translation

Maintaining control over the translation process and protecting sensitive content are both vital aspects of any translation project. Without strict control and protection, the translation project could easily be compromised, potentially damaging your reputation, exposing confidential information, and even creating legal issues.

Referral URL Whitelisting

Configure specific URLs allowed to send traffic to your website.

Selective Translation

Exclude certain HTML tags, CSS classes, and IDs from being translated.

Accuracy when it matters

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Using our engine
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Want native language content

Effortless Language Management

Automatic Language Detection

Your website will automatically translate if your visitor's browser is set to another language

Available Language Selection

Choose from FluentC's extensive list of supported languages

Source Language Identification

Clearly define the language of your website

Simple Pricing

Simple monthly account fee and a simple fee based on how much traffic your website receives


per User
$ 29

Page Views

A view to your website
$ 2 per 1,000 page views

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