Seamlessly translate and adapt your designs within Figma using FluentC's plugin. Directly translate text in your designs, and effortlessly maintain design consistency across global markets with FluentC's in-place translation feature.

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How FluentC Figma plugin works

Who uses FluentC for Figma integration?

An Easy to Use Translation Tool for Figma

Maximize your global impact with FluentC’s advanced translation & localization features

Bring Figma to the Next Level

FluentC's Figma localization plugin is an advanced tool that revolutionizes multi-language design, offering powerful features and a streamlined translation process for creating stunning interfaces.

  • The FluentC Web Widget is a great alternative to the Google Translate Widget. We now have full control over the message that goes to our website visitors
  • We use the FluentC translation tool for all of our Figma designs. It has been a great way for us to test our designs in multiple languages. It is easy fast and cost effective.
  • FluentC Web Widget is a great tool. It allowed us to translate our patient-facing web applications in just a couple of clicks

Get Ahead In Global Communication With FluentC

Easy to use: The plug-in is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to people of all technical levels.

Integration with Figma: FluentC’s plug-in integrates directly with Figma, making it possible to translate and localize designs within the Figma platform. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools and saves time.

Automated Translation: The plug-in uses advanced machine translation technology to automate the translation process, ensuring fast and accurate results.

FluentC streamlines the UI design process by providing a single source of truth for all localizable text and assets, reducing the amount of manual work required to manage translations and ensuring consistency across all languages.

Seamless Workflow: The plug-in integrates seamlessly into the design process, making it easy to localize designs without disrupting the workflow.

Time-saving: The automation and collaboration features of the plug-in help to significantly reduce the time required to localize designs, making it an ideal solution for design teams with limited resources.