Developers and Architecture

Software architects need a translation tool like FluentC for several reasons.

First, FluentC can help software architects to create software and applications that are accessible to a global audience by providing accurate translations of user interface elements and documentation. This is particularly important for software that is used in multiple countries or that is intended to be used by speakers of multiple languages.

FluentC can also help software architects to ensure that their software is compliant with local regulations and standards in different countries, which is crucial for building trust and credibility with customers. In addition, FluentC can save software architects time and effort by automating the translation process, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

Overall, FluentC is an invaluable tool for software architects who want to create software that is accessible and relevant to users around the world.

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Connect all of your applications to a single source of content and translations

FluentC is designed to connect all of your applications to a single content and translation source.  This is done through a GraphQL endpoint that retrieves all of the available content for an application and all of the available translations per language in a single request.

The calling application can call many pieces of content and display them on the screen at the same time or can store an entire application’s content on an initial call or load 

With a unified content and translation engine, all iOS, Android applications, websites, micro-sites, kiosk applications, and desktop applications are all of the same content. No need for multiple language files, no need for multiple translation workstreams that end up producing different results.  With FluentC an entire enterprise of applications can work seamlessly with a single point of content