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Welcome to FluentC, your premier solution for Healthcare Website Translation. In the healthcare industry, ensuring effective communication with non-English speaking patients, facilitating seamless searching for care on websites and mobile applications, and offering multilingual appointment booking services are vital challenges. FluentC is here to provide tailored solutions to address these specific needs.

30% of US Patients are non-native English speakers

Effective Communication with Non-English Speaking Patients: Clear communication is the cornerstone of quality healthcare. FluentC offers a comprehensive solution for translating medical information, appointment details, and treatment options into multiple languages. This ensures that language barriers do not hinder effective patient-provider communication, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Translating Searching for Care on Websites and Mobile Applications: Patients often turn to websites and mobile apps to find healthcare providers and information about available services. FluentC's automated website translation service ensures that healthcare websites and applications are easily navigable in different languages, helping patients access the care they need more conveniently.

Multilingual Appointment Booking Services: Booking healthcare appointments should be a straightforward process for all patients, regardless of their language preferences. FluentC enables healthcare providers to offer multilingual appointment booking services, ensuring that patients can schedule appointments with ease in their preferred language.

FluentC Solutions built for Healthcare

Effortless Installation

Set up FluentC's widget in minutes with a single snippet of HIPAA-compliant code.

Robust Security

Customize referral URLs and maintain control over authorized traffic sources.

Protected Data

Sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with FluentC to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Automatic Language Detection

Translate non-source languages in real-time for multilingual patients.

Enhance Security and Customize Translation

Optimize your healthcare website's security with HIPAA compliant translations while tailoring language solutions to meet your unique needs. With FluentC, enjoy a perfect blend of robust security and personalized translation settings to better serve your global audience.

Selective Translation

Allow for precise control over the content that gets translated, ensuring that critical information is handled with utmost accuracy. Choose the sections of your website that require translation and leave the rest untouched. This feature is ideal for healthcare websites where specific terms and phrases must remain unchanged to retain their original meaning and comply with regulatory standards.

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    Patients need to learn about healthcare in their native language

    Improve Patient Outcomes

    With translated marketing text, you have the power to reach more people and guide them towards the care they need. You can be the one to make a difference in someone's life by ensuring that language barriers don't stand in the way of receiving quality care.

    Help those that need it the most

    We healthcare professionals serve communities that need our help the most. Specifically, we care about people who don't speak English as their first language and who are often overlooked.

    Ensuring HIPAA Compliance for Your Website Translation

    Effortless Language Management

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